The Mission

It is Warabi-za's mission to touch the heartstrings of the audience as well as deliver a feeling of happiness to the audience through our different forms of artistic expressions.

Many members of our audience have told us that the Warabi-za show affirmed the value of the lives of people, and that the shows made them realize the importance of believing in human beings as a species. Although there are many horrendous crimes that dot our daily news and a culture and atmosphere that seem to exacerbate those crimes, we cherish the lives of others as well as our own.

It is our vision to depict not only the beauty of human life, but also the irreplaceable nature of human existence. We create our productions so that our audience can go home with warmer hearts and empowered mind.

In order to consummate our mission, we provide our stage productions and workshops to enrich the lives of the audience, and we supplement with the activities at Akita Art Village including the accommodation of the school excursion.